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My Expat Network n'est peut être pas l'un des VPN les plus connus, cependant si vous considérez ses 120 serveurs à travers le monde, ainsi que la possibilité d'utiliser 3 appareils par licence, il se peut que vous souhaitiez jeter un coup d'oeil. My Expat Network est classé 4.2 pour ses tarifs, disponibles à partir de $3.50/mois

Aug 2, 2019
Avis des utilisateurs sur My Expat Network
Bill Taylor
Août 2, 2019
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Think twice before committing

I purchased a 2 year package because it seemed a good deal. However if you have an iMac think twice because I have had nothing but trouble with this company especially their Support operatives. After 30 days you will not get any refund regardless if the company is culpable because they can not provide the service they boast they deliver. For example I recently had a problem sending emails from my account and after two long days of TeamViewer response (when it takes them sometimes over an hour to receive a response from them.....and these mount up) I was informed by them that I would have to switch off my VPN if I wanted to use my email account, which really defeated the intention of using a VPN! This made the myexpatnetwork about as useful as a chocolate teapot! When I requested a refund (as I only had the service for 2 months) my request was flatly refused, so be careful people. This company is not what it appears to be and I would warn all potential subscribers to think twice! There are better providers out there...I am now looking.

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    Paula Ehren
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    Cannot Access Amazon Prime Video

    After eleven months of contacting Expat VPN’s help desk regarding my inability to access Amazon Prime Video I’m ready to throw in the towel. Their support personnel generally respond within hours to any inquiries, but sadly, Expat VPN is unable to resolve the issue. Additionally, many responses from support personnel require clarification due to the incomplete instructions conveyed by Expat VPN’s support personnel. In general...frustrating, irritating, and not providing the service they advertise.

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      My Expat Network Team

      Hello Paula, we are very sorry you had problems accessing Amazon Prime. We assume this is Amazon Prime UK. The UK Prime service has been subject to some blocking by Amazon. In 2018, we introduced an enhanced VPN connection called Stealth Mode. This is currently working for Amazon Prime UK. For the US we use a "domestic" IP address. This guarantees uninterrupted access regards

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      Why doesn't UK come up straight away.

      I have to keep changing it from Australia to UK.This has been pointed out by other people for ages.Yet it hasn’t been corrected. It didn’t work for me in China. I’m considering changing to the one I did use in China.

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      Nombre de pays avec serveurs 4
      Nombre de serveurs 120
      Le VPN conserve-t-il les journaux ? Partiellement
      Le VPN inclut-il un bouton d'arrêt kill switch ? Non
      Nombre de dispositifs par licence 3
      Prix 4.2 / 5.0
      $3.50 /mois
      $3.50 /mois
      All Devices
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