TotalVPN Avis 2021 - Pourquoi 8 Etoiles?

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Nombre de pays avec serveurs 18
Nombre de serveurs 38
Le VPN conserve-t-il les journaux ? Partiellement
Le VPN inclut-il un bouton d'arrêt kill switch ? Non
Nombre de dispositifs par licence 3
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Évaluation: 9.9 / 10

Évaluation: 9.9 / 10

Évaluation: 9.5 / 10

Garantie de remboursement (en jours) : 30
Application mobile :
Nombre de dispositifs par licence : 3
Plans du VPN:

Avis des utilisateurs sur TotalVPN

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Free plan is a waste of time but regular one is one of the best - 10

I tried the free plan and I must say, you watch a YouTube video or two and you max out your limited bandwidth... very annoying and not worth the time to sign up. At the same time, of course I upgraded and since, I enjoy high quality fast streaming. It doesn't worth going the extra annoying free step, I suggest paying a few bucks and saving your time. There just isn't a good free VPN, they are after our money. But again, I must admit, I really think it is a good deal that pays off.

Speed is the most important featuer - 10

I know many of you try VPNs for privacy concerns. Honestly, this is not what I'm after. I tried a few, only cheeked (obsessively) the speed, and this one is for sure number 1.

Worked like charm - 10

I was hesitant to install yet another program but a friend insisted he tried a few and they are the fastest so speed is important for me and I tried it on my mom's PC... just to be sure. It actually installed and uninstalled with no problems at all. The speed is super fast and the interface is clear. I later installed on my laptop and since than didn't have issues at all. I watch Hulu from a few countries since and it wasn't block. They have a money back program so you can try it and if it doesn't work as expected, just get your money back

Consultez les 3 meilleures alternatives

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