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Guy Fawkes
(Experts en cybersécurité anonymes)

ZPN VPN n'est peut être pas l'un des VPN les plus connus, cependant si vous considérez ses 378 serveurs à travers le monde, ainsi que la possibilité d'utiliser 1 appareils par licence, il se peut que vous souhaitiez jeter un coup d'oeil. ZPN VPN est classé 3.4 pour ses tarifs, disponibles à partir de $0.00/mois

Mar 20, 2019
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Geert Welling
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Remarkable fast, cheap, strong VPN service

'Free' option didn't really work here, and I don't suggest it. Paid 'mobile plan' though, worked out of the box, pretty remarkable rapid/fast connections, pretty strong encryption algorithm/keying as well, compatible with Linux as well as BSD OpenVPN/LibreSSL. No Windows experience. No 'mobile/cellphone' 'android or IOS' experience. No experience utilizing ZPN application. Just OpenVPN via config, which works out of the box, remarkably rapid and utilizing strong encryption. After a month or two, something like that, I subscribed for a year and I'm seriously considering their 'premium' account because speed/uptime/availability /encryption is seriously remarkable taking this 'mobile' account price into consideration. Some people mock their lack of updating their social media accounts, which is true, but hey I don't pay for a social media provider. Stuff seems really secure, especially outside 5/7/15 eye jurisdiction (servers located within any jurisdiction are subject to it, don't buy lies about this fact), *really secure* as in *remarkable*. I think if you're not carding or committing to very harmful and illegal stuff such as child porn, especially if you take opposing jurisdiction into consideration, this ZPN seems one of the very safest out there. Like I'm working with sensitive information, about banks/governments/(multinational) organizations; this is just protected with ZPN, not kidding you; mind you - take opposing jurisdictions into serious consideration. downsides I've experienced; 1. username as zpn.im subdomain to connect to; one should utilize dnscrypt or dnscurve resolving this subdomain to battle MitM and check routes (well the latter should be done with any VPN service if one wants to battle MitM these days). 2. change of server location country is a website setting for which one seems required to be logged in at zpn.im as well as it takes several minutes before username subdomain change routes, maybe with ZPN application logging into website to change server location is not required, as said I've gotten no experience with that. 3. Limited service/help files nevertheless works out of the box. Again: strong encryption, fast, many options also in regard to openvpn, many server locations, opposing jurisdictions. Four stars because five stars means 'cannot be improved' to me. Oh and with ZPN I didn't ever got disconnects or broken tunnels etc, not even once, ifI get to remember correctly :)

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    There are better ones

    Laggy Connection and i got suspended for no reason after 2 days. I played cod over the vpn because it blocked where i am and the Connection dies after like 10 minutes and i have to reconnect. Although it's free, i have to say that in my opinion there are much better free VPNs like Windscribe.

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      Very bad,no customer service

      Nothing worked well,if its free then you are the commodity,be warned. Very bad,no customer service,I payed but still no connection,I also feel robbed by these crooks...watch your data. Don't pay with bitcoin.

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        Nombre de serveurs 378
        Le VPN conserve-t-il les journaux ? Oui
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        Nombre de dispositifs par licence 1
        Prix 3.4 / 5.0
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        $5.99 /mois
        MOBILE for one device
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        Guy Fawkes
        (Experts en cybersécurité anonymes)

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        Nombre de dispositifs par licence: 1
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